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Local car parking scam - PayByPhone

Dear Resident


Please be aware of a car park scam involving car parks using the PayByPhone Service.

It arises when people search for the PayByPhone app or website. The searches reveal the fraudulent apps/websites first, before the genuine ones, misleading people to using the fraudulent apps or websites.


🕵️‍♂️ Identifying the Genuine PayByPhone Service

  • Look for the authentic logo: Recognise the authentic PayByPhone logo and beware of sites using similar names. PayByPhone is always written as one word with nine green squares to the left of the name:
  • Be aware of terminology: The term 'Pay-by-Phone' can be a catch-all phrase referring to phone payments in general and may not necessarily be associated with PayByPhone.
  • No surprise subscriptions: PayByPhone does not offer subscription services or charge without authorisation.
  • Key website features: The app and websites will always include the following: Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy
  • 📲 Accessing PayByPhone Safely

  • Download the App: Ensure you're getting the genuine app by downloading directly from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Visit their website: Access service through official sites: www.paybyphone.co.uk.
  • Phone payments: Use the automated service via the number displayed on parking meters.

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